Visit Don Det Island

Don Det used to be a really off the beaten track place only five to ten years ago. Now, the small island on the Mekong is very popular for a lot of tourists. Stay some days at Don Det and try out Kayaking, go for a swil at the Mekong, stroll trough the native village or the rice fields, or enjoy the beauty of a sun rise at on a longtail boat between the 4000 islands. For a breathtaking sunset experience, enjoy delicious dinner at our restaurant with sunset view.

Rent some bicycles at the Little Eden to explore Don Det Island on your own, weather it is to pass trough the shiny rice fields of the island, or to visit the native villages. By bicycle, you can as well cycle over the old railway bridge to Don Khon Island. Don Khon has a great Waterfall park, where you can spend a whole day admiring the waterfalls, strolling trough the park, eating at several restaurants or chill at the beach there. Over there you definitely should visit the big waterfall and the attached beach area. 

The island and tranquil surroundings are the real gem people come to see. Anywhere you go you will be welcomed by smiling locals, stunning landscapes and scenery, and if you’re lucky you will spot a dolphin at the Mekong river. Don Det has so many experiences to offer, come and see it yourself!